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"Climate change is not a problem of the future; it is happening now. Let's act today to secure a livable and sustainable future for generations to come." - Al Gore

In what state is our Earth? Is it already too late for salvation? Or can a change in behavior still make a difference? Oscillating between uncertainty and hope, a group called "Raincatchers" seeks answers, utilizing a combination of dance and science. A piece that carries political responsibility while emphasizing the importance of diversity.

Choreography: William Sánchez H.
Direction: William Sánchez H. and Timo Gmeiner
Dancers: Jörg Beese, Fernando Balsera, Ricarda Noetzel, Manuela Aranguibel, José Manuel Ortiz, and Sander Verbeek
Music: Lukas Tobiassen
Lighting: Clément Debras
Set Design and Costume: William Sánchez H. and Simone Müller
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Workshop Team: Manuela Aranguibel and Jörg Beese
Editorial Assistance and Networking: Kathrina Wilke-Johnson
Design: Valentina Boneva and Timo Wilke
Photo: Simon Wachter and Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky
Trailer: Ellen Trenn
Camera: Marc Doradzillo