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"My mother always told me to give as present green clothes to a newborn baby, when I asked her why green?, she explained to me that green was a neutral color, then later she added. You do not have the right to use a color to define the gender of a being you are looking at."
William Sánchez H.

The topic of gender is a broader and more elastic field than one can imagine. It goes beyond the physical, the social and biological spheres. NO NAME The Muxical plays with the gender topic in different ways and emphasizes in certain important aspects. It is the contemporary vision of a musical with a mixed-able dance ensemble. Queer and playful, loud and in high heels, all this is too different and unique to fit into a single drawer or be named with a single term. NO NAME The Muxical is an invitation into the unknown for those who believe that pink is only for girls and blue only for boys.

NO NAME * The Muxical is a production by SZENE 2WEI, funded by beWEGEend e.V, zeit.geist gGmbH, Heidehof Stiftung, Aktion Mensch and the Impulsprogramm „Kunst trotz Abstand“ des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.


Dance: Jörg Beese, Deborah Heim, Fernando Balsera, Ricarda Noetzel, Eiji Takeda, Jose Manuel Ortiz, Matthieu Bergmiller
Music & Composition: DJ Josema / Collage
Costume, Scenography & Light: Clément Debras
Workshops: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, Jörg Beese
Editorial Work: Kristina van Kempen
Video & Photo: Simon Wachter, Jennifer Rohrbacher
Makeup Design: Linda Herrera
Graphic Design: Pavlina Boneva
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Choreographer: William Sánchez H.
Leaded by: William Sánchez H., Timo Gmeiner