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Part II of the KALA trilogie

Hardly anything symbolizes more adequately the state of the modern world than plastic. On the one hand it is practical and widely used, on the other it endangers the environment and is a decisive influence on human development, standing for lifelessness and an emotional lack.

The dance piece #ATME picks up on the element of plastic, working with the individual experiences of the dancers involved, and shows a snapshot of our present state with its short-livedness and artificiality.
Against the alienation from nature – originally an intentional act – it juxtaposes each individual's contemplation of the now. #ATME doesn’t just show the present as an epoch in crisis, but also as a moment of which the conscious experience is a value in itself that every person must find or recover for themselves.

As the second part of the KALA trilogie after TARUN, the piece uses the language of contemporary dance and follows the path of a trilogy which deals with the topic of time in ever new ways.


Dance: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky, Eiji Takeda, Fuuko Shimazaki, Jörg Beese, Matthieu Bergmiller, Orlando Izzo, Ricarda Noetzel
Music and Composition: Tim Bücher
Video & Photo: Paul Meuth, Orlando Izzo, Clément Debras, Christine Breuer, Georg Schreiber
Costume, Scenography and Lighting: Clément Debras
Assistant & Workshops: Micaela Kühn Jara, Jörg Beese
Editorial Work: Kristina van Kempen
Graphic Design: Pavlina Boneva
Stage Management: Mercè Mayor
Pedagogic & Artist Director: Timo Gmeiner
Choreographer & Artist Director: William Sánchez H.