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SZENE 2WEI was founded in 2009 by Timo Gmeiner and William Sánchez H. in Essen. The company works in the field of contemporary dance theatre. It makes art that questions and inspires reflection: a reflection that doesn't shy away from discussion or discourse, and that brings to the stage a style all its own.

"We dissolve conventional thought patterns and notions regarding the dancing human body. Our definition of artistic aesthetics invites us to explore the realm of contemporary dance, increasingly embracing diverse and multifaceted bodies on stage."
(William Sánchez H.)

Our overriding goal, both on stage and off, is to seek out dialogue with people – especially when the universal language of art undertakes various forms of communication.

The company also offers workshops and projects in order to make its art accessible for everyone to experience.

"We stand for diverse encounters, mutual appreciation and openness to the unknown."
(Timo Gmeiner)

Inclusion – UN convention

Coexistence of people with and without disabilities on equal terms

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William Sánchez H.

Artistic & choreographic director


William Sánchez H., choreographer and dancer, was born in 1981 in Bogotá.

He studied performing arts at the Superior Academy of Arts in Bogotá. In Germany he then completed his master's degree in choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden and also studied dance and dance theatre at the Folkwang University of Arts Essen.
He gained experience as a dancer, artist and performer by participating in numerous dance pieces and performances in Europe.

As an independent choreographer he works, amongst others, in close cooperation with the European Forum of Culture, with whom he represented Germany and Colombia at international art festivals.
In 2015 he received the European Tolerance Award presented by the European Forum of Culture.

In addition to his work at SZENE 2WEI, he is also Art Director and Choreographer of THEGARDEN||performing arts.

Timo Gmeiner

Pathfinder, companion and networker


Timo Gmeiner, qualified social education worker, dancer and yoga teacher, was born in 1984 in Oberkirch and grew up in Löcherberg in the Black Forest.

He graduated in social work at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg and studied contemporary dance and dance theatre at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. During and after his studies he worked as a dancer and performer in various projects and productions. To further his professional development he completed a yoga teacher training, among others at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Academy in India.

As a qualified social education worker, freelance dancer and yoga teacher, Timo Gmeiner works throughout Germany with people with and without disabilities in artistic, creative and educational fields.

In addition to dance and yoga, he also cares about nature work, mindfulness training and meditation.

  • Amelie Karl Dancer/Assistant
  • Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Benjamin Chimoy Filmmaker
  • Clément Debras Costume, Set and Light Designer
  • Deborah Heim Dancer
  • Eiji Takeda Dancer
  • Fernando Balsera Workshop leader
  • Florian Boos Musician
  • Fuuko Shimazaki Dancer
  • Georgia Kapodistria Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Irene Carreño Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Isabel Wamig Dancer // Musician
  • José Manuel Ortiz Sánchez Dancer // Dance Facilitator
  • Jörg Beese Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Kathrina Wilke Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Kristina Van Kempen Redaction // Press
  • Leonie Howar Dancer
  • Linda Pilar Brodhag Dancer
  • Lola Villegas Fragoso Dancer
  • Léa Thomen Dancer
  • Manuela Aranguibel Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Matthieu Bergmiller Dancer
  • Mercè Mayor Association Chairwoman // Stage Management
  • Micaela Kühn Jara Workshop leader
  • Mukdanin Phongpachith Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Orlando Izzo Dancer
  • Paul Meuth Photograph
  • Phoebe Wacker Dancer
  • Ricarda Noetzel Dancer
  • Sander Verbeek Dancer
  • Selma Everybody's Sweetheart
  • Sonja Pfennigbauer Dancer // Workshop leader
  • Tim Bücher Musician
  • Zelda Maillen Make-up Artist

beWEGEnd e.V. is a recognized non-profit association.
It supports and promotes performing arts (focusing on dance theater), body action and cultural education projects, that are put into practice in the terms of inclusion together by people with and without disability. beWEGEnd e.V. distinguishes itself by a determined promotion and support of cultural workers.
In this case, it is the artistic, pedagogical work of SZENE 2WEI whose doings, promoting consciousness and perception constitute the basis of beWEGEnd e.V. The association promotes the community and cooperation of people with and without disabilities. It also champions the possibility of a real, equal share in social, cultural and artistic life for those impaired, regardless of the individual type of impairment.

Within the goals of the inclusive approach are participation and self-determination as the basis for an „inclusive culture“ that enables people with and without disability to influence the shape of their own life and that of their environment, alone and together with others, as an autonomous individual.
beWEGEnd e.V. creates inclusive social spaces in which people with diverse experiences with disability can live and be active in artistic work without barriers.

The association purposely supports both the different developmental and working processes as well as the performance of physical theater pieces of the inclusive dance company. It also has a hand in the cooperations of SZENE 2WEI with various institutions on the topic of inclusion. beWEGEnd e.V. lends the frame for the creative workings of the performers of SZENE 2WEI, in which the artists can present the very own movement of their art to a public as well as experience its entire social realm and effect.

The aid works in cooperation with foundations, art and culture organizers as well as local and regional cultural operators.

Mercè Mayor


Partner up with the association beWEGEnd e.V. to support the work of SZENE 2WEI.
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Mercè Mayor
beWEGEnd e.V.
Mintropstraße 63
45239 Essen

Donations for SZENE 2WEI via beWEGEnd e.V.:

beWEGEnd e.V.
IBAN: DE65360700240615075900

If you need a donation receipt, please include your address. We will gladly hand out a donation receipt for your donation.



(All files are available only in German.)

The non-profit association kulturWEGE e.V., based at the Braunberg in the Black Forest, promotes active inclusion in art and culture. This includes areas of performing arts and body awareness as well as cultural and nature projects. kulturWEGE e.V. is also committed to educating people in all their diversity.

The word “kultur/culture", which the association has in its name, is intentional included all along the concept. In terms of creation processes includes dance, (natural) art, theater and body work as well as gastronomy and educational projects.

Because that is exactly what is decisive about culture:
It is colorful, infinitely diverse and multifaceted - just like the people who create it. It stands for individuals as well as for community, tells stories and shows ways. It creates encounters and builds bridges.

In this sense, the association accompanies people in the context of inclusive projects to tread new and familiar (cultural) paths.

The guiding principle for every step on this path is diversity, which is fundamental for social and individual action and reflects us humans and our environment. Each person is important, meaningful and valuable because of their very own characteristics and abilities. Each and every one of the kulturWEGE projects stands for these values.

The association's current project is called “Projekt gARTen” and is being implemented directly on the Braunberg.
Info: braunbergstueble.de/blog

Manuela Aranguibel and Linni Dahlhausen

Become a member of the KulturWEGE e.V. association and support the work of SZENE 2WEI.

Application for membership

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kulturWEGE e.V.
Industriehof 10
77933 Lahr, Germany
Braunberg 2
77728 Oppenau

IBAN: DE47 6645 0050 0004 9673 63

If you need a donation receipt, please send your details to the above address.